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Please Read LAX Airport Rules For LAX Disneyland Transportation

 For a smoother transfer, please read the next two paragraphs


Important LAX Disneyland Transportation Rules You Should Know

Hired car services, limos, taxis and buses providing lax Disneyland transportation to the public must follow strict LAX Airport rules for picking up and dropping off passengers. Each activity has different rules. Knowing those rules will help you have a smoother transfer! So here they are in a nutshell...

Transportation LAX To Disneyland

Companies providing transportation lax to Disneyland must upon arrival at the terminal curb immediately begin offloading passengers and luggage! Airport rules state we must assist you in departing the vehicle quickly or LAX airport police will ticket us for being at the curb too long. Please know your chauffeur isn't being rude if they do not allow you to wait in the vehicle upon arrival. It's just that lax police don't allow us to dilly dally at the curb.  Also, to allow time for traffic delays and getting through security check gates, plan to have us pick you up 1 to 2 hours early. Killing time in the airport is better then missing your plane.

Transportation From LAX to Disneyland

Companies providing lax to Disneyland transfers must follow these rules... Chauffeured vehicles picking up passengers at LAX airport passenger terminals for transportation from LAX to Disneyland must wait in a parking lot designated by LAX police until passengers have picked up their luggage and are waiting on the curb for pickup. So when you are heading to the curb, with luggage in hand, call the number we will give you and your vehicle will arrive at the curb about the same time you do.


Transport LAX To Disneyland

Transport lax to Disneyland 24/7. Allow us to provide your transport from lax to Disneyland CA! Choose sedan, limo, van or even a bus for larger groups.


Transfers LAX To Disneyland CA

LAX to Disneyland transfers 24/7! We offer sedans, limos, vans and buses for lax transfers to Disneyland CA. Please call us for assistance with your transfers from lax to Disneyland.


But Aren't Shuttles A Much Cheaper Form Of LAX Disneyland Transfers?

Yes! Shuttles are probably the cheapest lax to Disneyland and Disneyland to lax transfers you will find. No question about that! But that cheap ride will cost you a lot in other ways. So, before you jump on that cheap price, allow me to blow the harsh wind of shuttle riding at you and then decide if you think the inconvenience is worth it! So here's what they don't tell you about airport shuttles...

See, to keep cost down, airport shuttles transfer up to 10 people at a time in a van! That could be up to 10 different stops! So you could be riding around picking up or dropping off all these people and their luggage for a long time before you get to where YOU want to go! And THAT can eat up a lot of YOUR time!! All that wasted time means you have to leave for the airport MUCH earlier or get home or to the hotel MUCH later!

And by the way, this is a van, not a big bus, so it gets crowded... think kids here, your own or others. It's ok to groan out loud! heh-heh. And sometimes you have sick people riding with you...  coughing, sneezing and sharing their illness with you! And I hate to say this but you need to know that sometimes someone cuts a bad one and you have to ride along with that strangers foul odor all the way home or to the airport!

So, like I said, you can save a few bucks with airport shuttles but you pay in a lot of other ways. Now that you know all the down sides, do you still want to ride in a shuttle, especially in cold and flu season, just to save a few bucks? As they say, it only costs a little bit more to go first class!

Call us and enjoy YOUR lax Disneyland transfers! ride! we provide lax Disneyland transfers 24/7! 


LAX Transportation To These Popular Hotspot Destinations


lax to la

lax to la transportation. Grab a sedan, limo or van for your transport from lax to downtown la! We also provide very reliable transportation service from downtown la to lax 24/7.


Union Station LAX Transportation

Providers of direct lax to union station transportation. Choose sedan, limo or limousine or SUV sedan for your transportation from la union station to lax!


Long Beach Airport LAX Transportation

Booking LAX transportation to or from Long Beach Airport is easy. Whether arriving or departing from Long Beach to LAX our chauffeur will assist you with baggage and provide local information.


Hollywood LAX Transportation

Probably the second or third most popular destination! We offer 24/7 Hollywood LAX transfers.


Transportation LAX to San Pedro | San Pedro to Lax

Call our reservation desk for LAX to San Pedro World Cruise ship center at the port of Los Angeles in San Pedro San Pedro to LAX airport transport. Choose sedan, limo, SUV sedan or even a bus. Have a lot of luggage? Ask about a luggage van. Whether arriving or departing LAX to or from San Pedro world cruise ship pier our chauffeur will assist with baggage and provide local information when requested.


Pasadena LAX Transportation

We offer 24/7 LAX transportation Pasadena . Choose sedan, LAX limo or SUV sedan. Have a lot of luggage? No problem... we can provide a luggage van. Whether arriving or departing Pasadena our chauffeur will be at your side to assist with baggage and provide local information when requested.


Santa Monica LAX Transportation

Santa Monica LAX transportation 24/7. Choose sedan, LAX limo or SUV sedan. Have a lot of luggage? We can provide a luggage van. When traveling to or from Santa Monica to LAX, our chauffeur will be at your side to assist with baggage and provide local information when requested.


Orange County LAX Transportation

We offer 24/7 LAX Orange County transportation. Travel from lax to Orange County in style. Choose sedan, limo or SUV sedan. Have a lot of luggage?  We can provide a luggage van. Need to get to LAX airport? We'll provide you with reliable transportation from any city in Orange County to lax, Ca


LAX Transportation to Disneyland

Choose us for your Disneyland transportation from lax! We are offer a perfect variety of vehicles for transportation from lax to Disneyland. Many families take a Limo LAX To Disneyland. That's surprisingly affordable transportation to Disneyland from lax! We also offer sedans, vans and mini buses for lax to Disneyland transportation and we will be happy to drop you at any of the hotels in Disneyland area.24/7!


Disneyland LAX Transportation

We provide sedan, limo, van and mini bus lax Disneyland transfers. Transfer from lax to Disneyland or Disneyland to lax in one of our clean, comfortable vehicles!  To learn more about lax to Disneyland transfers visit our Disneyland page.


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