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Important LAX Airport Transportation Rules You

Should Know Because We MUST Follow Them!

ALL hired car services, limos, taxis and buses providing LAX airport transportation to the public must follow strict LAX Airport rules for picking up and dropping off passengers. The rules are strictly enforced by LAX Airport police! Each activity has different rules. Knowing those rules will help you have a smoother transfer! So here they are in a nutshell...

Rules For Transportation To LAX Airport

All hired car services must follow these airport rules! When booking transportation to lax be advised, upon arrival at the terminal curb, we must unload your luggage and assist you in departing the vehicle quickly or LAX airport police will ticket us for being at the curb too long. Please know your chauffeur isn't being rude, it's just that lax police don't allow us to dilly dally at the curb.  Also, to allow time for traffic delays and getting through security check gates, plan to have us pick you up 1 to 2 hours early. Killing time in the airport is much better then missing your plane.

Rules For Transportation From LAX Airport

Chauffeured vehicles picking up passengers at LAX airport passenger terminals for transportation from LAX must wait in a parking lot designated by LAX police until passengers have picked up their luggage and are waiting on the curb for pickup. So when you are heading to the curb, with luggage in hand, call the number we will give you and your vehicle will arrive at the curb about the same time you do.


LAX Airport Transportation Rates

To offer you the most affordable and fair LAX transportation rates we can, we charge by zone. The closer you are the cheaper the rate. Please call us to get the best LAX Transportation rate. If you are strictly shopping for lax transportation based on the cheapest rate please click cheap lax transportation.


Reliable LAX Transportation You Can Count On And Modest Rates

When you book transportation to lax or transportation from LAX with us you get a nice clean, modern black sedan, limo, SUV or van at a modest rate with an experienced lax chauffeur at the wheel... one who knows their way around LAX terminals well and knows the best ways to get you to and from LAX even at high traffic rush hour times!


What's Our Most Popular LAX Transportation Choice?

We offer van and SUV lax transportation but our lax limo service and lax car service are the two most popular choices for lax transportation! And here's some surprising information; our lax limo transportation is a lavish luxury for one or two passengers but think about this... a group of 4 or more can experience lax limo transportation for about the same price per person you'd pay to ride in a shuttle bus! Crazy huh? But it's true and the per person price goes down even further if you have a group larger then four!  

Cheap LAX Transportation Service... a BIG Gamble To To Save A Few Bucks!!

We are not being mean here or sounding sour grapes, but if you are going to book lax transportation based on the cheapest rate we just want to help you look before you leap...


In the LAX transportation industry the companies offering the cheapest rates are well known for hiring the lowest paid drivers they can find! Usually minimum wage, inexperienced drivers that have a high probability of getting lost on the way to picking you up! And they haven't learned the short cuts to LAX so they go the long way or just sit in freeway traffic making you late going to LAX or going home from LAX!!


And if the driver doesn't mess you up their is a higher probability their vehicle could!

See, to offer you the cheapest ride the company has to cut expenses to the bare bone so not only do they hire inexperienced drivers they also put them (and you) in older high mileage vehicles with little maintenance and sometimes worn tires too! That cuts their operating cost but also increases chances of breaking down or getting a flat on the way to or from LAX with you in the vehicle!!! It just all makes sense, doesn't it?


That's why corporations, hotels and people who travel often avoid using cheap lax airport transportation services and you should too! See they learned a long time ago... it's not worth the stress to save a few bucks! So they call us because we specialize in reliable lax transportation and are rates are really very reasonable!

Missing your plane's takeoff is a very stressful event! People miss planes all the time or stand around for an hour or more waiting for their ride home, to the hotel or to an important business meeting! Why? Because they booked their lax transportation with a company that provides lax transportation services as a sideline so they didn't time it right or... they shopped for and hired the cheapest lax transportation service they could find on the internet! Novice or occasional travelers make these mistakes often!

We want you to get to the airport or get home, to the hotel or the big meeting on time so please call us and let us provide you with reliable lax transportation! It only costs a few bucks more for reliable service!!

We Offer LAX Airport Transportation To From These Cities 

We provide LAX transportation for LA Metro and all cities in Los Angeles and Orange County! Click LAX Transportation to and from all these cities to see our complete service area.


Orange County LAX Transportation

We offer 24/7 LAX Orange County transportation. Travel from lax to Orange County in style. Choose sedan, limo or SUV sedan. Have a lot of luggage?  We can provide a luggage van. Need to get to LAX airport? We'll provide you with reliable transportation from any city in Orange County to lax CA.


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